Hi, I'm Åse! I'm from Norway, and I love Glee, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds, Starkid and loads of other stuff. I also write stuff, and sometimes it's not horrible. If you ever need to talk, I'm here to listen! 

This is NOT a spoiler free blog.

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Take it easy Hogwarts. It has been totally awesome

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My fanfiction

I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn’t, I would die.

Title: Don’t Forget Me
Rating: T
Summary: Kurt and Blaine love each other. They really do. But when Kurt and Blaine get in a car accident something happens that will change everything. Will their relationship survive?

Title: We’ve still got tonight |FF.net|S&C.net|AO3|
Rating: T
Summary: Blaine had a heart attack, and he’s in the hospital. There is a lot of crying and singing and smiling and angst.

Title: I wanna feel like I’m somewhere I belong |Tumblr|FF.net|S&C.net|AO3|
Rating: K
Summary: Kurt quits glee club after the bullying is too much to handle, and he spends three years being invisible. That is, until Blaine Anderson transfers to McKinley. 

Title: Who knew |Tumblr|FF.net|S&C.net|AO3|
Words: 1000
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: 4x04
Warnings: None 

Title: I can’t remember when the earth turned slowly |TumblrAO3 | FF.net | S&C
Length: 6000+
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Warnings: None, except for the fact that I know nothing about children, the army or anything medical
Summary: Blaine was done with the army. Or, at least he thought he was. He has to go back one last time, leaving his fiancé and daughter behind. 

Title: The world could be burning down |Tumblr|
Length: 6000
Rating: R
Summary: Kurt and Blaine were studying in the library when, somewhere in the building, a shot went off

Title: We will be young forever |Tumblr|
 Who is the mysterious boy in the picture, and how can it have Blaine’s handwriting on it, when it is 70 years old?
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Words: 3,919

Title: I didn’t mean for it to feel like this |Tumblr|
Length: 1 100 words
Summary: Blaine has a stressful and generally shitty week, and has a mental breakdown when it all becomes too much
Warnings: Mental breakdown

Title: Eyes lined with questions |Tumblr|
Word count: 1500 words
Summary: Blaine is a prince. His father wants him to marry a princess, but Blaine is more interested in talking to the kitchen boy, Kurt.

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